Strategies to Reduce your Air Freight Spend

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Course description

This course will help you to learn real-world strategies to reduce your company's air freight spend.

Target Audience: persons working in a manufacturing environment with responsibility for a transportation budget using air freight and small parcel (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.).

The course requires basic math skills as we work with dimensional weight calculations and its impact on final cost.

We've developed 3 sections to help you master this topic!

  • we'll show you how the airlines charge you for air freight and what that means for your cost

  • we'll show you how you can ensure that your material is packaged properly to optimize the air freight cost

  • we'll show you the different service levels offered and tell you how choosing the right service level can save you money

We have designed this class as a multi-media experience with a case study (from an Ikea packaging challenge) and 2 quizzes in order to help you quickly learn these concepts.

And we have included 3 “Insider Savings Tips” that you can implement at your company for immediate cost savings!

Lenny .
Lenny .

Many years of experience in a Fortune 1000 companies, especially in the logistics and I.T. areas of manufacturing companies.Through process improvements, Lenny has been able to identify and implement savings opportunities worth up to $10 million.

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